Friday, June 27, 2014

Too much Stress....will never stop our SUCCESS!

We live in the islands of the Caribbean - a place where people come to relax and recoup.  Yet there's an alarming reality of the people who actually live here.  We're too stressed!

What do I mean?

Let's break it down into groups of people living in the Caribbean. You will realize that though we live here, it can only be classified as an existence; bearing little resemblance to what others envisage as the lifestyles we experience.

There's something about the islands, that people of other lands would classify us as rich. Yet we don't see ourselves that way. Is it that we take too much for granted? Too many of us don't know how to swim. We only know the route to and from work. We don't get to visit our family, and nowadays don't even know the younger and older members of the family.

The islands are expensive. Living in the islands requires money and know how. If you have little money, you better have know how, since these skills are necessary to eke out a livelihood. We have to pay at least twice as much to be on par with those in other countries; and this goes for goods and services.

This constant hustle to survive is taking its toll on island life. Too much time at work, often in sedentary roles, is contributing to the increase in non-communicable diseases - diabetes, hypertension, to name a few. The high costs of living mean that we now have more month than money - a very real situation for many people living in the Caribbean. Apart from working in a job, one often has to have a sideline business - making items for sale, growing food stuff inclusive of livestock, or having a skill such as cutting hair, trimming hedges, making craft, making clothes, and the list can go on.

Despite the sea breezes, the coconut water, the rum, flying fish and other Caribbean goodies - when others come here to work; they quickly realize one thing - We Work Hard for What We Want! Though things are touch economically, we still want to experience what it's like on the side of the wealthy and will work to buy accessories for our cars, hair, bodies, homes and experiences. Life is short and we want the best!

Stress...bring it on. It will never defeat someone from the islands! We are born to succeed! We are winners!

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