Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Business Fundamentals - post-COVID-19

Barbados like other countries around the globe has been impacted by the pandemic of the COVID-19 in a way that has left many staggering. SMEs who already had little to no financial backup resources, as well as, individuals who have been displaced from their jobs have found themselves in unfamiliar ground; especially since most of us are not old enough to have experienced something like this before. 

Beginning next week. my colleagues and I will be sharing with the public what they can do to overcome the challenges they've experienced businesswise with this pandemic. The sessions are free to the public as indicated in the information following which also contains how you may register. 

We look forward to your participation. Come and get practical insights that you can implement almost immediately to realize results. 

Additionally, we anticipate that industry partners will be a part of this so that you know who to make contact with immediately as you complete the program. You can attend the entire program or the segments that you are most interested in. Learn where you can turn to for your HR needs, possible financing, and other incentives that your business can surely benefit from at this time. See you on Tuesday and please come early. We begin promptly at 10:00 so it's great to be at least 10 minutes early. 

Don't worry about handouts and making notes. We have developed a website where all your course material will be stored and is accessible by any device you have which can connect to the internet. Yes, you'll even have our presentations to take with you when you go. Thank you for the opportunity to serve Barbados! 

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