Saturday, August 5, 2023

Some thoughts on trading


Living in a small island state permits me to have some observations that go unnoticed in other jurisdictions. This leads me to questions which I have wondered go unanswered annually. In this instance, I turn to trade. 

  • How can other countries get their items to the end user more cheaply than those of us that would have shorter supply chains? 
  • How would our countries benefit economically should we send back the cargo vessels full of goods produced here rather than letting them go back empty after the importation is completed? 
  • How can we more affordably move people and goods across the Caribbean by boats if air travel cost are so prohibitive?
  • Why are we so quick to adopt the policies of international jurisdictions that don't seem to follow the dictates that they seek to impose on us for compliance?
  • Why are we not utilizing our lands effectively to contribute to our food security? Most base ingredients used across the globe are similar, and the difference is applied to arrive at various dishes. 
  • We need to return to agriculture to enable us to feed ourselves and use the money saved in other areas that address our ability to reduce debt, strengthen the health programs within our jurisdictions, and ensure that the foods we receive are more wholesome, bonafide foods rather than having fruit without seeds and other non organic forms. Let's eat for quality experiences not full stomachs. 
  • Our chefs should be featuring our locally grown foods rather than all the imported items including imported chefs. 
  • With the amount of food businesses, and the fact there is a high failure rate among such establishments, why are there not more food management courses offered to teach locals the business side of food? 
  • We need to put access to international markets in place via shipping route development for our exports to really take off. 

There are others but today we stop here. Have a great weekend, ponder what was highlighted earlier. and come up with solutions. We need them as a matter of urgency. 

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