Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The Teas ("ty's") of Business

In business, life most things in life there must be some element of governance. Nowadays, many are jumping onto the bandwagon of entrepreneurship with the mindset that they want to be their own boss. What needs to be asked is, have we counted the true cost of the elements that are needed for business? Have we looked at key ingredients that if not present, the business is doomed to failure.

This short, interactive article will look at not the teas, but the ty's of business. We will highlight them and briefly illustrate how they can be useful in business. The list can be extended as you deem fit, however this is the starting point to just quicken your thinking into considering which of these apply to your business and how you may adapt them to move your business forward. You will be able to identify your own "blend" of business.






There, I have hyperlinked them for you. On this occasion, you are going to look them up individually rather than me tell you their meaning. Why?

It's because if you're serious about business, you would want to be aware of the ingredients that go in and make your blend that's suitable for you, your staff, and your customers. Ponder on the next image and see:

  • The various elements that affect your business
  • How can you manage them with all that's going on?
  • What are some of the decisions that you'll have to make and how will the affect the big / small picture of your business?
  • Do you affect only the local situation where you are, or do your decisions have an international impact? Think in terms of all the "publics" you will serve. 
  • Are you setting any trends / just following leads within the market?

Business is dynamic, interesting, exciting, risky, sometimes stressful, gratifying, and despite the myriad of emotions and experiences - good and bad that it presents, more people want to get into business.

For instance; I want to publicly thank those who created these images that I have used in this article. My imagination would not have allowed me to convey this message as clearly without these images that they developed and never knew that they would be of use for me. Their decision though having an initial local thought has international impact. I also liked learning about their services when I followed their links, since it sort of blends with what I do.

Think locally / Act globally is more than a cliche. It is a MUST. I hope to enjoy your "ty" [pun intended]. Wishing you the best!

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