Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Difficulty with one's own advice

Have you ever been in a position where you often offer others advice about the situations you face? To tell the truth it always seems easier to do so, but when faced with the same dilemma personally, the situation can take on a different complexion.

Quite recently, I was ill. Not because of any viruses or bugs going around. I literally was disobedient to advice that I have given most about balance. I didn't follow it myself, almost believing that I could be all things to all people until I realized the following:

  • I was over worked and under rested 
  • My family's suffering from my being, broke busted and disgusted 
  • My focus was no longer laser sharp
  • My mind wandered often and I was easily distracted 
  • Exercise was something I now only knew via spelling 
  • The list goes on and on
It is times like this, when you no longer look human, due to the wires and needles that are hooked up, and the poking / prodding that takes place that brings one into contact with their mortality in a hurry. SUPERMAN'S MADE OF PAPER / PLASTIC, depending on his rendering and only exists fictionally. My day consisted of meetings and conference calls, planning projects and their operational elements, dealing with for commercial entities and not for profits / charities. The list goes one. Fortunately / unfortunately, depending on one's perspective I was not as elastic and the time frames in any given period day / night. 

When one's sick, it's when you learn of other who have ailments. Some similar and others much worse. Nonetheless, they have a common thread. We as a society are under way too much stress. We are accommodating everyone and doing precious little for ourselves. 


This is when we need to take the opportunity to recharge. No meetings, no commitments to others, no church activities, no children to swimming or any other events. It's when we take time to recreate; and it doesn't involve having to catch a plane. 

I have a friend who take a one day vacation weekly, thanks for that lesson Lorna. Other's go to the gym. Still others just vanish for the sake of their sanity. Is there a lesson to be learnt in all this? I think so. What about you? Recreation is a mustcessity to borrow my friend Dave's word. 

Understand that the work has to be done and will be done, but live in the present. While at work - WORK. While at rest - REST. Schedule appointments with yourselves, so you have time to really get away; time that's important. Time for yourselves. 

I'm done for now, as I'm going to exercise. From now on, I'll have no difficulty with my own advice. 

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