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Difficulty with one's own advice

Have you ever been in a position where you often offer others advice about the situations you face? To tell the truth it always seems easier to do so, but when faced with the same dilemma personally, the situation can take on a different complexion.

Quite recently, I was ill. Not because of any viruses or bugs going around. I literally was disobedient to advice that I have given most about balance. I didn't follow it myself, almost believing that I could be all things to all people until I realized the following:

I was over worked and under rested My family's suffering from my being, broke busted and disgusted My focus was no longer laser sharpMy mind wandered often and I was easily distracted Exercise was something I now only knew via spelling The list goes on and on It is times like this, when you no longer look human, due to the wires and needles that are hooked up, and the poking / prodding that takes place that brings one into contact with their mortality in a hurry. SUPE…