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Business Start Up - Observing the Nitty Gritty

Business Start Up, Entrepreneurship, Business Development Programs, and other such combinations of words are touted about in the media a lot nowadays. Especially in times of economic hardship and uncertainty of the economy, stifling taxation policies and limited access to actual funds make the entrepreneurs become overwhelmed.

Finding sound, proper, practical technical assistance is becoming a myth. Not making negative references to those qualified theoretically, and having little experience to truly guide an emerging / expanding business. But T/A programs are often underfunded, seeking to pay such reduced rates to those providers that they would rather do without the payments from these programs; which are often excessively late. The reasons for the late payments is another story.

In short, entrepreneurs and businesses seeking funding to expand their operations are between a rock and a hard place. The expanding trend is to take classes and enter competitions in hopes of winning the …

Music in Business

While I'm not an expert in music, I know great music when I hear it. Not knowing the names of all the artistes was never something that bothered me. Just recently I realized that I was feeling quite bogged down with all the work that I had to do. So I did something that I hadn't done in so long that it was becoming rare; I put one some music I had on my computer, leaned back and closed my eyes for a while.

It wasn't to sleep, but then I realized that the classical music I was listening to had an invigorating effect on me. Wanting to get my assignment done, I turned on the noise cancelling feature on my headset and listened a bit more. The effect was something worth noting, answers to challenges I had just poured forth. I reached for my notepad (the original) and my pencil to begin noting down the thoughts that were coming to mind. The solutions came almost effortlessly.

After some time of listening to the classics I then switched to the reggae / dancehall genre. Here'…