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Sources of Funding

Almost daily, there is a constant flow of people seeking funding for their businesses. These funds are often needed for start ups and expansions. Many are fed up with the banking systems for various reasons. Others just want to go with the investors who are serious. So here's one for you.

There are sites that you can seek your own investment. Develop your own business plans, independently or with help from people who offer similar services to ours.

Here's the thing. You now know where you can go. You can go there directly. What you don't know is what tools and strategies to use and when. Does that matter?  You don't seem to think so, since many people think that people in my line of work just sit and write documents and charge large fees.

So cheers to your success. Have a go at it yourselves and you must be honest in letting us know how well you do and the time it took you to get it done. Share your successes, your failures, and your set backs. What makes you frustrat…

Changes in Customer Circumstances

Our trying economic environment is having a severe impact across the globe. The market place is so affected that once reliable customers are finding it increasingly difficult to meet their payment obligations where once before it would not have been a challenge.

As business owners, there needs to be a plan in plan in place as to how we will handle customer who fall upon misfortune. Challenges facing customers include, but are not limited to, burdens on financial security, health care, employment, inflation, increased taxation, and the list goes on.

More and more businesses are feeling the brunt of accounts receivable, NSF cheques, increasingly crafty customers, and those who tug at the emotional heartstrings.

As a business, will we resort to:

compliance using the legality of verbal agreements, documentation, and contractsembarrassmentharrassmentviolenceemotional abusecompassion and understandinga listening to understand the customer's perspective while being discerning Your use or…

The Potential in People

There's something about sharing business information with people that's exciting.  At least I find so. When participants arrive they have all kinds of expectations, their needs for information are quite varied and numerous.

Over the years, I have been rewarded with success stories from programs that we have conducted. In some cases the results were fast. Here are a few:

Learning what I did from this program, I went out and implemented some of what I learnt with tremendous results. I'm here again to see what else I may have missed. When you said what you did about handling objections in the sales process and that we should never allow the same answer to stump us more than once, you got me listening. When you suggested some of the responses, I tried them and got significant results. Thank you. Treating my work colleagues as customers has made a difference to my work day. Our environment is so much more friendly and productive. We get more done in less time and with little str…

It's not always collateral

Barbados is a lovely island with some phenomenal properties. Some time ago, a client was referred to me who had a major challenge. They were facing foreclosure on their properties. Over time, they had acquired properties, fixed them up, and rented them out to long term tenants. The rents that they charged were, for this day and age, through the floor - nominal figures inclusive of all the utilities. Without any formal business structure in place, they were making money and keeping under the radar, until when it happened.

The was a major collapse of some sewage infrastructure at one property. It sucked up the majority of the saved funds and then it started happening. The owners were put in a system of catch up - the funds coming in were insufficient to pay current and past commitments. Over time it resulted in a downward spiral where loss of one property would mean the loss of the others.

When we reviewed the case we found:

that the properties within the portfolio were quite goodthe we…

No Experience Required...

Throughout working life, there is always an emphasis on experience. Never mind the rush for qualifications, experience always seems to win in the end. We've often heard of the stories where experience and qualifications are played off against each other.

Thinking, as I often do, I realized that there are some things that require no experience to be successful. People advance in their careers almost daily with these attributes and they often stay within these careers for a long time.

What am I writing about? Here are a couple examples:

Bad mannersDisgusting attitudes Poor work ethicInappropriate behavior Poor deportment No dedication and commitment Lack of hygiene Unhealthy practices No ethicsThe list can be endless Yet even though these qualities are often discussed, they still find a way into our organizations though they are never shown on the workers' CV. We have highly advanced management education, still the ability to detect these characteristics before they enter the or…