Saturday, May 20, 2023

When tragedy strikes the death knell

If you've ever been involved with supporting a cause, you will be familiar with the zeal that goes into it when everything is new and the uncertainty is high. Everything seems to be a life-or-death decision on which everyone's decisions hang. There's an urgency, especially when the individual is young and vulnerable. 

Over time, as the years pass by, the individuals who are impacted live. Complacency sets in and can become entrenched until something tragic happens. In other words, we lose the edge. 

Yes, people are ready to support you as always. However, the reality is, people burn out. Particularly the leadership. 

If this reflects any organizations with which you are affiliated, then there's a need for a change. It is lives that are in jeopardy and therefore the situation is too tenuous to play around with the decision-making and support processes. 

What can get in the way? 

In short form: pride, ego, fear are some of the broad headings that come to mind. These and their derivatives serve to hinder an organization's progress and stop the realization of the objectives of the entity. 

Take action now! Put your house in order and so you wouldn't have to wait until tragedy strikes. 

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