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Good Morning...[Only Once]

To those of you coming here, you're probably wonder what a strange title. I wonder what he's up to this time.

I managed to get out for a walk in the wee hours of the morning. It's quite cool then, making the walk generally refreshing. As I walked you could see the lights flickering on at the various residences as people were waking up to begin their day. As I walked, I thought that people have loads of different ways to getting their days started. Some ease into the day, some wish the day would take a little longer to come, still some others got up and began the mad rush of getting ready for the day.

This morning I felt like I was in total control. While on the street it felt like me and God as I looked at the changes in the sky - something many of us miss or take for granted. It took some time before I eventually started seeing other people, only starting to meet them when I was about half way through my walk.

Greeting many, if not all of them. I started to notice somethi…

When I saw this....

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Family Lime

There's something to be said for having some downtime with family. I had this opportunity recently and thoroughly enjoyed it. No major traffic, no phone calls, no anything pressing - except to check in on my email for occasional pre-planned items. I didn't even concern myself with any real shopping. In short form, I was bone tired and needed to just rest.

It got me thinking about work-life balance. Are we really so caught up in the rat race that we negate the importance of rest and downtime? Why is it necessary to obtain time saving devices only to replace the saved time with 2-3 other activities? This does us no good really other than to push us so much closer to eternal rest as is seen by the stress related deaths. Do we really have any control over the things that we worry about and how does worrying get us any closer to viable solutions? Though I haven't quite figured out the solutions, it would be interesting to read the thoughts of others on how they cope in this &qu…