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Here's my Money - Why should I give it to you?

Daily, I manage to have numerous business plans come across my desk with requests to review them. It's been years that this has been happening and this is a process that's paid for by the clients. Often though, my feedback may not be what they want to hear, but it definitely needs to be told if they are going to meet any measure of success in their attempt to get funding.

Here are some findings: Based on many of the plans that have been presented, here are some common threads that go through most of them. The reason I'm putting them out here is so that they can be addressed before your next wave of funding is being sought. Hope this helps the entrepreneurs / small businesses.
Businesses are not well researched
Too many feel good statements are made. One that sticks out in particular was one which under the title of Research and Development, the document said, "Research and Development will be ongoing". Tell me would you part with your hard earned dollars for a pla…

Entrepreneurship - Too Simplified?!?! Not for everyone.

Sure...anyone can register a business! what?

The media is touting entrepreneurship as the remedy for just about everything - wealth creation, the solution to this recession and the list goes on.

Recently I read a series of articles, and what came across to me is that this seems too simple. Take for instance this extract:

"What if we were to understand that people are a nation's greatest asset and were to go out in joy not only developing our people to the fullest but instilling in them the confidence to quit their current employer and develop their own start-up, spin-out, and scale-up enterprise and become their own boss hence gaining control of their own destiny?"


Is it really this simple?

My mind went on to extrapolate this base information, and the result was chaos. All Chiefs no Indians. Is this really what is req…

Starting a business....are you serious?

Entrepreneurship is a word that's touted about a lot these days. Everyone seems to want to begin a business of their own, and who can blame them. There are certainly better educated, greater connected, and have more resources. However, you can imagine the questions that come to mind when we look at todays businesses. Let's look at a few.

Why do so many of them fail?Do we really know why we want to be in business?Have you thought out the process well? Let's stop at these three. Since these alone can take quite a bit of time. Let's look at them succinctly.

Businesses fail due to:

Being under capitalizedPoor operating systems Weak marketing & sales Poor accounting & cashflow managementWeaknesses in human resources - training deficienciesLack of discipline and planningThis list is not exhausted

We want to be in business for a variety of reason

Some don't want to work for someone elseOthers just want to be their own bossThere are still others who just want to be cre…

The Best Advice Ever....a true story

I've been consulting & training for many years and daily I come up against some situations that are "new" not only to me but to many others. I love what I do since boredom is seldom my reality and for my clients, the solutions seem endless since we've had some seemly impossible situations that we've had to deal without any of them being something from which I could draw from a template.

There have been times, more often than I care to remember, when I have had challenges within my own work environment that I literally did not know how I was going to survive each one. Depending on who you ask, seeking help was a sign of weakness / strength. The thing is, those who offered help most willingly were those who were off island and knew nothing about me - The offices of Zig Ziglar, Les Brown and others were really great with their assistance.

My clients enjoy a high percentage of success when working with us. They have:

received significant "impossible" fu…