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Entrepreneurial experiences - Great benefits, little costs

This last week went by so quickly it reminded me of a kite caught in the strong crop breezes that broke its cord and it just blown across the sky. The time and days flew rapidly by and if one was not careful, they would almost have very little to show for the time they spent.

Thankfully this was not the case for me. Being a person who notes everything so that I would have little difficulty remembering it my week was loaded with meetings, tasks, all contributing to the goals and objectives I had set myself. On this occasion, it was to showcase small entities that are needed and don't get the light of day since they don't have the resources to get their messages out. This seeming lack of resources results in them fizzling rather than sizzling.

I used quite a bit of the social media this week. Having been a follower for some time it was time to make a contribution. It initially started with the Caribbean regions only platinum ac…