Saturday, May 5, 2012

Entrepreneurial experiences - Great benefits, little costs

This last week went by so quickly it reminded me of a kite caught in the strong crop breezes that broke its cord and it just blown across the sky. The time and days flew rapidly by and if one was not careful, they would almost have very little to show for the time they spent.

Thankfully this was not the case for me. Being a person who notes everything so that I would have little difficulty remembering it my week was loaded with meetings, tasks, all contributing to the goals and objectives I had set myself. On this occasion, it was to showcase small entities that are needed and don't get the light of day since they don't have the resources to get their messages out. This seeming lack of resources results in them fizzling rather than sizzling.

I used quite a bit of the social media this week. Having been a follower for some time it was time to make a contribution. It initially started with the Caribbean regions only platinum accredited Association of Chartered Certified Accountants [ACCA] learning partner. They also have the introductory FIA  program for those seeking to get an introduction to accounts. This is especially useful for entrepreneurs who are seeking to get a firm financial grasp of their businesses. They also offer the teaching of Quickbooks which is rapidly becoming the program of choice for many small businesses.

Quickly on the heals of ACCA was who are regional manufacturers of healthy soft drinks. They use the base ingredients of ginseng, acai, and guarana creating blends that are tasty without the loads of sugar found in other beverages. This group is particularly interesting since they are providing entrepreneurs with the opportunity to kick start their businesses under the branding of Mehter's Rehydration Stations. They have decided to offer attractive pricing to entrepreneurs so that they can start and grow their businesses.

While the activities and excitement were buzzing with the entrepreneurial exploits, there was another area of interest that captured my attention, it can be found at

Cystic Fibrosis is an illness that shortens the life of those who have it. Those who have it can have difficulty breathing and have to resort to taking medications that are very expensive. They also have to use special vest that shake the mucous from their lungs which will enable them to breathe better. More information is available via the aforementioned link. One of my friends has it. He was diagnosed with it when he was around 4 years old. This illness is often misdiagnosed and it can result in multiple surgeries and other treatments which are quite expensive for the families of those who have it. To put it mildly, to keep that bearer alive can cost more than the combined family incomes. Some families have more than one child with it. Some are often misdiagnosed as having a form of asthma.

These are all initiatives within the Caribbean and I am happy to have had the privilege to be associated with them during this past week alone. Here's hoping others would also share their interests. Going and get some breakfast. Have a great weekend everyone.

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