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Addressing a global issue as a small property

After traveling well in excess of 15 hours, a tired traveler arrives at their hotel ahead of the check-in time. The hotel was fully booked with back to back check out arrivals. Most of the other arrivals don't arrive until late evening that day.

The hotel should:

Give the early arriving guests priority with having their room prepared quickly so that they can access it a bit earlier. Make them wait until the appointed check-in time because of the hotel's policy.  Almost daily, this is a situation that faces many. Yet despite being the case, many properties still struggle with the decision of what is best to be perceived as offering good hospitality. 
The question(s) they need to ask is/are: What is great hospitality?How do our standards align with the perception of great hospitality?Where do gaps exist in what we currently offer and what we should be offering?How quickly can we amend the situation should gaps be found? How do we convey our findings and changes to our team member…

It's time...

Daily in our lives, we are faced with recurring situations that if we are not careful can cause us to lose sight of our goals, aims, and aspirations. This can happen in our personal and working lives, yet so many people have chosen to remain dissatisfied rather than take action to change their outcomes. To have a conversation with them will seem like they are entrenched in disillusionment without any hope of relief.

Have you ever been tired of being sick and tired? Have you ever felt as if you were in a situation without hope for a better existence?

Well, you have to decide you want something different in your lives and be willing to commit to making those changes.

In short, It's Time:

To stop procrastinating about going after your dreams. To commit your life to the Almighty as he is a God of order and, right now, you can do with some order in your life. To make solid concrete goals, and commit to realizing them within a specific timeframe. Do you believe that you can do more with…