Sunday, December 30, 2018

I'm excited...Here are 7 reasons

During this week the new year will begin and I am excited to be returning to work. I went on leave from the end of November and while it was supposed to be a vacation, it didn't quite work out the way I intended. It seems that as soon as I stopped, every health bug that couldn't catch me when I was going at the frenetic pace of my work schedule was just waiting to come in and roost. It seemed like every bug hit me as my resistance was quite low, and I ended up getting much-needed rest, though not necessarily on the terms I would have planned. 

So now what? Why am I excited? 

I had time to think. The downtime allowed me to reflect on the past year, and the future. It enabled me to see what I wanted/did not want; where I made mistakes/experienced learning; where I failed/succeeded. The thing is we rush through life without really taking the moments necessary for reflection. 

I often tell my participants when making references about a reading list about the book, "Think and Grow Rich", by Napoleon Hill. They have also heard me say I have never heard/nor read the book/article called work hard and get rich. One has to put in the time to just think about what they're doing. 

During the last year, I have met with people who wanted different things/results for their lives and businesses. Despite their backgrounds, one common thread was that they never were able to grasp the time necessary to dedicate themselves to realizing these goals. Some had the plans, in their head, which seldom does any good; but they didn't really commit to anything, not even in writing. 

Those who went through the modeling process with me realized that there is a sequence that can be applied to the way we execute our plans. However, we cannot just use a haphazard approach and hope that the details will sort themselves out. There is a recipe for success and they are tools, systems, and measurements that can be applied to somewhat ensure we are close to the planned results we desire. 

The systems are not only for operations, but for finance, marketing, and legal elements that are related to the business/personal activities. Once followed, our lives can become much easier and streamlined. 

People are willing to learn, and the feedback from those who have met with me, shared and learned with me, and followed the plans was encouraging since their stories tended towards the path of success and growth as they saw it. 

I am excited about the possibilities for this coming year. Since:
  • There are systems that enable people/businesses to realize planned results once followed; 
  • People are willing to learn just how this can be done; 
  • They are recognizing the benefits/opportunities for applying themselves; 
  • There has been a reduction of hopelessness; 
  • In an environment where there has been economic displacement, people can quickly acquire economic stability regardless of the scale of their operation/development; 
  • The principles can be applied to individuals, businesses, and not-for-profit organizations;
  • The assistance is not only limited to being provided through me but is available globally. 
2018 is almost over, but 2019 and beyond holds promises that can be realized by all who wish to apply themselves. From Blades & Blades Consultancy Services LP, here's wishing you every blessing in the new year. May your plans be realized by you and those whom you will serve. 


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