Thursday, May 4, 2017

Wasting time with available media

Living in an era where information is at an all-time high is wonderful. No longer do you have to wait until one can purchase the print version of a magazine/newspaper. Even the radio can seem a little slow in getting the information out to you. While there are lots of channels on the television nowadays, they still miss the mark in getting you the content you really want.

We live in a society where media access is virtually in the palm of our hands. We can communicate just about anything from where we are to virtually anywhere in the world within moments.

It happened suddenly, where this access to this widespread array of communication media became available to John Citizen - the man in the street, and without a plan; he's abusing rather than using it to any real benefit. The result is information clutter, where messages containing the same content arrives on your device from multiple sources, and depending on your device it is soon gasping with dying messages that there isn't enough memory to perform basic functions. This is often despite the installation of extra memory which often seems inaccessible.

Whatsapp has made everyone a comedian, news reporter, and preacher; often without credentials. Many people don't validate the information prior to sending it out. Sure there are others, but they are passive, in that information is not targeted to the individual, but is usually posted to one's personal site where others who so desire may visit and read at their discretion.

In days of old, fake news - as it is now deemed, had a purpose. The propaganda issued was to enable entire governments to gain supremacy over others. It was orchestrated and well coordinated. The channels through which the communication would flow seemed to be well designed so that everyone would move on cue.

Nowadays, we waste the opportunities to communicate with any purpose or effectiveness. The messages we send can aptly be described as junk.

When we spend money on the devices, are we so numb to the relevance of expenses that we are disinterested with reclaiming some of the money we have spent? For many of us, our lifestyles have changed since we have our own businesses, run charities, and involved in the organization at levels that our forefathers strove for and we now take for granted.

Before sending out random communication, decide on a theme, a purpose, even a mission. Identify who would rather visit you to get it and who you can send it to that really wants it. There should be a choice to opt in/out by the individual. If they follow you, then they have opted to be in. Decide if the information you're posting is taking you closer to your overall goals, aims, and objectives without annoying others. Remember, DO NOT SPAM!

Hope this helps you in streamlining your online communication. Time is too valuable to waste. You have a powerful medium in your hand, use it wisely.

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