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Youth and Experience in Business

I grew up in an era, that when you were applying for a job and you had experience, the employer would day they are looking for someone with more qualifications. If you had the qualifications, they would feedback that they were looking for someone with more experience. Having chosen a course of study that was laced with practicality within the program and reinforced with multiple internships, when I then went for a job and the employer was cornered unable to use the previous excuses; it was then that they would say to me that I was too young.

This is the dilemma that many youth face today. It is also faced by those who may need to make career adjustments later in life. The banter back and forth by employers makes one just wonder; why they don't start their own business - be their own boss.

Young people come up with brilliant ideas and business concepts which they want to use to transform the world. Those who are older are risk averse wanting to play it safe despite their experienc…