Are we serious about our marketing? Here are 6 lessons.

You may wonder why I have such a topic for this post, but just Friday, March 15, 2019, in the evening an observation prompted me to put this post up. It is not intended to get the representative in trouble, but more importantly, reinforce the need for companies to be diligent about what they do with regards to representation within the market.

I happened to visit Pricesmart, Barbados when I encountered this product. Left to my own interpretation about what the product's benefits are I am yet to hear the voice of the lass who tossed it into not only my shopping cart but also those of others who happened to be going through the aisle.

Clearly, she came to the end of her shift as she just walked off after throwing her 3 pointers from quite the distance. This was done without a greeting or even an inquiry as to if I/we wanted the product.

Thanks for the free sample, but there are ways that things are done and this is not what I know product sampling to be. Surely the company paying fo…

KEEP THEM POOR | This Is What The Richest Don't Want You To KNOW (an ill...

When you watch this video as I have, you tend to ask yourself. What if he was right, what am I doing to make a difference? What am I teaching letters when I stand before a group of entrepreneurs?

Every time I share with a group of people who are ambitious about beginning a business, I tend to be very direct with them. I don't sugarcoat anything and make any guarantees other than they have to put in the work, a lot of it, in order to see any kind of a reward.

Sure there are systems and models that can be taught to participants, but if they are unwilling for one reason or another to use them, then they have just attended another talk shop.

One person said to me that when they first entered a program where I taught, they didn't like me. I sounded too surefooted about what I said. They subsequently found out, that I have made more mistakes than many facilitators. That what I referenced during the program was things that I actually did, and therefore knew what would/wouldn't w…

Has literacy been redefined

In all aspects of life, work and personal, it would appear that we have lost the ability to communicate what we mean in a way that we are understood by others.

At university, I learned a very important lesson in this regard. Many of us who ordinarily would get outstanding grades when we did accounts, struggled with financial management. It was so bad that it prompted the lecturer to have meetings with us to determine why this was so. The struggle was real.

During our first meeting, he asked me a series of questions. Among all the questions that we asked, he then gave instruction, "Show me how you read". At first, it seemed strange. How do you show someone how to read?

As I was observed reading, the lecturer then said to me that he saw where I was going wrong and showed me a technique for reading. Using this technique, it would feel as if the words were burned into my brain via a laser. More than that, I remembered what I had just read with clarity and understanding that I h…

I'm excited...Here are 7 reasons

During this week the new year will begin and I am excited to be returning to work. I went on leave from the end of November and while it was supposed to be a vacation, it didn't quite work out the way I intended. It seems that as soon as I stopped, every health bug that couldn't catch me when I was going at the frenetic pace of my work schedule was just waiting to come in and roost. It seemed like every bug hit me as my resistance was quite low, and I ended up getting much-needed rest, though not necessarily on the terms I would have planned. 
So now what? Why am I excited? 
I had time to think. The downtime allowed me to reflect on the past year, and the future. It enabled me to see what I wanted/did not want; where I made mistakes/experienced learning; where I failed/succeeded. The thing is we rush through life without really taking the moments necessary for reflection. 
I often tell my participants when making references about a reading list about the book, "Think and…

Story Time - Brief business examples

There's a saying the elderly repeated when I was growing up, that to talk is to reveal. It is for these reasons that I constantly tell the youth that they should grasp their education with both hands and feet. It is because, even when you have qualification and experience, there are people within the workforce that will still try to take advance of you.

When you're young and full of energy that is the time that you should try to live your life to the fullest before family etc. comes on board. People go through challenges and when they do, it is important that they maintain the right mindset if not they can be easily led off course; that is assuming they had a course planned.

Nowadays, I have a greater peace of mind than when I may have worked for significantly more money. Though I frequently get my medical check-ups, they are more preventative than curative. I know what it is to have money and I also know the flip side of the same coin.

High paying jobs are not always as they…

Entrepreneurial disconnect - 7 things that are noticeable

During the week of GEW2018, I reflected on entrepreneurship. I thought of the entrepreneurs and how they interacted with the following:

Technical AssistanceAccess to Finance/Investment/Grants FundingInformation made available via researchLaws governing ages of entrepreneurshipBusiness education Statutory commitments and a whole lot of other factors that we encounter in business  We are failing our entrepreneurs! There seems to be a disconnect that only serves to frustrate the entrepreneurs. Dreams become disillusions. Information is fragmented and impractical. We follow the instruction blindly of start small and grow it. Has no one ever sought to grow the business at the size that it should be from the outset? With access to greater planning tools and an environment where there are greater information stores, something is wrong. We are operating with archaic strategies to new world problems. We have not adapted to the necessary changes. 
Much of the information that we have is outdate…

A fresh perspective is needed

Psalms 51:12 Restore unto me the joy of thy salvation; and uphold me with thy free spirit. 

Facing the challenges of people in business can be a daunting task. In business development, it means that I daily have to grapple with the challenges and problems that people present to me about their situations. Often they are related to their business, however, there are instances of some personal issues they need to address that often impact their businesses.

2018 has been a particularly rough year, it seems that bad news was just coming in from all directions. Averting foreclosures, turning around financial situations, dealing with all the challenges in business within an environment of uncertainty were all old hat to me or so I thought. The bigger the problem people had the more I enjoyed the challenge of successfully solving it for them.

This year, sure it may have been going on before, but I hadn't noticed it with this intensity. Lots of people I know died, and quite unexpectedly an…