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Overrating the Entrepreneur

There's a trend - Governments in order to boost their employment figures are turning to the entrepreneur and implementing programs that overlap that lead to an often dead end road where the entrepreneur can't get what they truly need to get their business off the ground at the end of their education - MONEY.

The programs being touted in the media about entrepreneurialism seem to suggest that everyone has what it takes to be an entrepreneur. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Yes there are some great ideas out there in the minds of those that would be great if they can ever get off the ground. These individuals have neither the experience, the connections, nor the financial backing to realize their "dreams".

It is therefore against, this backdrop that this post is being put so here are some things that you need as a prospective entrepreneur to consider:

You need to research your business well. Having just an idea without knowing at least how phase one will work …

Greed to the Extreme = Chaos

Taxation has its place in any economy. It's what is needed in order for the nation to survive. However when taken to the extreme, it hinders rather than helps what the government of the day is trying to achieve. Politics has proven by way of the results, though packaged differently, that virtually are all parties seem to be the same - undeliverable promises made to capture votes.

There's something when the populous raises alarms that go unheeded. When the pain of a people is being heard and yet ignored. When people who are thought of as peaceful seem to be continually trampled by decisions that off ill effect. What is being put forward by the governments of the day seems to be win/lose rather than win/win. Macro economic policy seems to be decided upon by micro economic situations - hair extension brands, rims for vehicles, how much money small businesses make like hairdressers etc.

In short, government policies can help or hinder business development. There must be strategy …