Monday, February 13, 2012

Back in the pool

Well it's now February and after waiting for an entire month for the breeze and the water to warm up, I finally jumped in realized that I can scream quite loudly underwater. It was so cold that it felt like my teeth would edge from the chill of the water.

There have been some changes at the pool and while the air and water temperatures went down, the fees to use the pool have gone up. Needless to say, we still need to get exercise, so I agreed that we would get back in the water and try to swim all the chlorine out the water. That means almost everyday we get a chance we hitting the water. No more rest for me. I have begun swimming longer intervals and taking fewer rest breaks.

My muscles aching like mad, but that's not to stop me since I am now on a quest to get my stomach and chest do an exchange and resume their rightful perspectives - my chest should be bigger....

When we saw the work out routine that the coach gave, my wife and I went speechless. Didn't he realize this is the first time in months we were getting back in the water?  I guess that would teach us to stay away for so long again.

So far I am managing to increase my distances on each session. Until next time.

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