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The transition from grade to paid

Every year, if you ever get to be near a graduation listening to people speak, there is often the reference to finishing studying and entering/continuing in the world of work. This is often met by the private chuckle of the experienced listener since they know full well; the course of studying is never done.

When you go through the discipline of studying, you must recognize that the courses you study are only a segment of the education. Additional lessons can be derived from learning the techniques of studying since it is going to be required throughout your working life if you are to remain relevant.

There are some things in life to notice when you're out here in the world.

Those who have the best grades don't necessarily get the best career opportunities. The A students work for the C students and the B students work for the government. I have personally observed this many times over after reading it in the Rich Dad Poor Dad series. Don't be so afraid of being wrong that…

Barbados' 5 considerations in a dynamic business environment

Barbados is in an environment that it never really experienced before. Yes, we have had tough times, but there are some new elements which have become newsworthy which are entirely new to us, and the scale at which they took place the majority of Barbadians have never witnessed before.

The island, like many other jurisdictions, has placed a heavy emphasis on entrepreneurship. For many, the learning curve will be quite steep, since they would have gotten into business based on a skillset. As we have learned over time, having a particular skill set does not equip you for running a business.

Against this background, the rules for being involved in businesses are changing most rapidly with factors that are outside the range of control for those who are in business. What does this mean?

Businesses have to consider more than ever how they can become export ready. They have to establish and maintain statutory compliance. All businesses must be aware of their environment at micro and macro le…