Thursday, June 21, 2012

Tropical professionalism

Yesterday was such a sweltering day that just about any water body had a welcoming effect. It didn't matter if it was the beach, the pool, or just water in a glass. It seemed that most just wanted to put on their swim suits and head somewhere cool.

Coconut water was the order of the day, especially if it was nice and cold. It was too hot to eat. We just had fish sandwiches - the fried dolphin (mahi mahi) tucked into a salt bread was just a delight for the taste buds.

 As you can imagine, in Barbados, we are on course to become a WiFi center within the Caribbean. So being limited to doing business in an office is no longer an option. It makes for a perfect blend of doing business in environments that we enjoy and truly experiencing what the island has to offer. Practically every one has some combination of smartphone, tablet, net-book, or laptop that ensures they have connectivity on the go. Decisions made in meetings can be acted upon in an instant.

Do your research from the library on the beach, slung out in a hammock or lounging on a beach chair. One thing is certain - The work has to be done and will be done. In the Caribbean, we are creating way too many experiences for others and not benefiting from them ourselves.

Today's another hot day. Perhaps I should engage in some of what I've just written about. Have a splendid day!

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