Saturday, March 26, 2016

Self Talk for the Self Employed

Self employed people even when they work in businesses that interact with people tend to live rather lonely lives. Yet they loathe to attend functions that would take them away from their work; often with the train of thought that they're just too busy. Sadly, these are even in instances where there is organized mentorship available through technical assistance programs.

So what makes a self employed person behave in this manner, especially when they complain that no one helps them. What is really going on in their minds? What kinds of thoughts do they have; positive / negative? Do they feel as if you're thoroughly prepared? Can they really handle the power of this two letter word - NO!?

How you speak with yourself goes beyond wishful thinking. It sets the tempo and they rhythm that will determine whether you will win / lose. Often the event is not filled with spectators, but with your own self; who will see the results of your attempts - Can you strive or merely survive?

  1. Why do seemingly identical situations facing different people have different outcomes? One succeeds, whereas the other sucks salt.
  2. Is attitude all it's cracked up to be? Identify which is better - good attitude with action / good attitude without action. 
  3. There are times we question, why are we doing this? Would it not have been better to get s job and be paid more money?
  4. Why does it feel like we work to pay everyone except ourselves?
By now you should have noticed that I've made a faux pas and changed tenses; why? It's because I too am in small business, I too am self employed. It can be difficult to continue in the third person for something that impacts so directly.

For instance, you can write employment letters for employees to take to various institutions for them to obtain financial benefit of hire purchase or even loans. Yet when you have to do likewise for oneself, even when the business is thriving there's always some excuse / objection to be realized. You know the categories, but they all align themselves to justify why you cannot obtain the assistance you require. The objections are easily categorized under; cash-flow, revenue potential [too great / too small, too fast / too slow], age of business, age of applicant, collateral backing the finance request, and the list goes on.

There are times when it seems like we're not celebrated for our efforts, despite all that we do. It also seems that our work must go unrewarded, and profit is a sin. Most small businesses are uncomfortable with the word profit, often leaving their hard earned value at the negotiation table for their products / services. I don't do this anymore, as I have had the opportunity to contemplate the value that I bring to any situation. I also function by the premise that not all money's good money. It has saved me from entering ridiculous deals.

What do you say to yourself? I want to ensure that I am worthy of providing the best solutions that are practical, leading the client and our own business into mutually beneficial territory in terms of revenues, earnings, profits, and opportunity. This has to be done while maintaining privacy, wholesome relationships, health and wellness, and a true sense of purpose. One thing is certain - Success is not an overnight process.

Know that you have what it takes to succeed in a big way. Know that success is what you want it to be for you, and not the world's definition of it for you. When you speak with yourselves, speak in the can do, the I can, the willingly doing it.

Take time to work on your business rather than be constantly working in it. Remember when polishing anything, you have to step back to see the shine. Self employment is not easy. There are lots of uncertainties, but know that there is help along the way. People who are willing to also celebrate your success in as much as you prepare to embrace it.

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