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Self Talk for the Self Employed

Self employed people even when they work in businesses that interact with people tend to live rather lonely lives. Yet they loathe to attend functions that would take them away from their work; often with the train of thought that they're just too busy. Sadly, these are even in instances where there is organized mentorship available through technical assistance programs.

So what makes a self employed person behave in this manner, especially when they complain that no one helps them. What is really going on in their minds? What kinds of thoughts do they have; positive / negative? Do they feel as if you're thoroughly prepared? Can they really handle the power of this two letter word - NO!?

How you speak with yourself goes beyond wishful thinking. It sets the tempo and they rhythm that will determine whether you will win / lose. Often the event is not filled with spectators, but with your own self; who will see the results of your attempts - Can you strive or merely survive?

Why …