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Is there anything done yet?

It is no laughing matter when you see that this is already the 10th week of the year. With the speed of which we got here and the changes that are going on around us, we need to ask. What have we accomplished? Are we on target to realize anything?
Time is an asset that is often misused. If we lose money, chances are we can make it again. However, losing time; well that's gone for good. 
With the other 42 weeks left, what will we experience?  Entire governments are changingNew inventions and innovations are being introducedBusinesses are opening their doors for the first time while others close their doors for the last timeThe landscape is changing with people of all age categories dying, yet others are being born and are making strides at a pace faster than the eras past What will be the contributions that those of us who are currently alive make that can positively impact those around us? There are opportunities via businesses/charities even our daily activities to add value. Who …