Tuesday, June 11, 2019

A functional team is developed, it's not automatic

What are we teaching in our various organizations? Are we empowering the capacity for growth among those with whom we interact? Our personal biases, hangups and other negative fabrications of our minds should have no room in a progressive environment.

This old saying often regurgitated without thought is:
"If you want to do something well, then do it yourself"

This is one of the biggest hindrances to success. If you require help, then take the time to outline exactly what help you need and by when. Acknowledge that hidden agendas have no place in the progression of an organization who is already challenged with the situations that they face in the mainstream reason they came together in the first place.

If you have the necessary structure in place with the correct checks and balances, then the reduction of people pushing adverse agendas is significantly reduced, and you should get on with the business at hand.

What go you started, won't keep you going. You need to be able to scale up, and trust others to fulfill their roles and responsibilities.

If you really want to test your leadership ability; volunteer. It's an environment where you ability to rally everyone to support a common cause it key. It is having systems of accountability where people know what they're supposed to do and how their contribution helps in moving the organization towards its goals.

Look at the above video again and engage in some introspection. The serious questions that you ask yourselves may bear some revelation that you may not like the answers, however now you know the answers they can be addressed.

Remember, a functional team is developed, it's not automatic.

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