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Organizations with notable contributions to Small Business

In my years of business development, I have come across a number of entities that have given assistance to the development of SMEs over the years. However, I have found that they are some that stand out more than others not only for their assistance, but for their consistency of effort.

In this instance, I will focus on those that are located within the island of Barbados. I would hope that they will take note of this post and endeavor to continue to great work that they have done over the years. To explain the services of each one would result in a post that would probably bore the reader. Therefore, if you have any knowledge of their services or industries that they operate within you will know that they are exemplary in their offerings:

LIME - for all their services and packages  Banking and Finance
ScotiabankFirst Citizens BankCity of Bridgetown Cooperative Credit Union Technical Assistance and Mentoring
 The Barbados Investment and Development Corporation [BIDC]…