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"Taxdiculous" Barbados....There has to be an alternative

By now, seventy cents of every dollar must be attributed to taxes. If it isn't it sure feels that way. Ever so often, it feels like we're either hearing of a new tax or having the tax rate increased. Yet the truth of the matter is that there is a smaller workforce to pay the taxes with all the retrenchment. The constant taxing of fewer people must have diminishing returns at some point.

We have the constant bantering of entrepreneurship which if you look through the fluff at the main target, it is only a ploy to say that the employment has increased or put differently unemployment has declined.

The use of micro economic approaches by taxing at the individual level rather than using macro economic strategies and initiatives to arrive at plausible solutions to address our economic situation seems non short of taxdiculous. Yes I coined the word.

Taxation, cannot be the only solution out of our economic situation. The seemingly selfish approach to take without any giving, not hand…