Monday, December 2, 2013

Making life memorable

I am convinced that I was born at the best time in history. When having witnessed the things that I have and the development that have taken place in the short years of my life one can only be wowed at the developments of the era.

In my time, people have traveled faster than the speed of sound, created previously unimagined devices, can now communicate faster than the speed of light, we now look into the palm of our hands to speak with people across the globe or just to find out where we are via the gps implanted in our mobile devices.

Our technology has changed, our wealthy are getting younger, people are just doing everything faster with greater ease!

  • Events can now make 6 figures in one afternoon. 
  • Some small businesses can make 7 figures in a year

My puzzle consist of what was missing to help individuals do the same. All the high income earners I know have something in common - their willingness to serve others. The type of business they're in didn't matter. - good or bad; they always made their offerings convenient for their markets to have access to them. They give "service" above and beyond their competition, and they used a system for doing so. 

Do you have a system for living? Are your earnings exceeding expenditure? When your customer [internal / external] leave your presence do you know the level of satisfaction they had from interacting with you? Do you know if or when they will be back? Would you have done business with you?

Don't be numb to the experiences you create or participate in. Keep your senses keen and sharp always in observation and learning mode. Be prepare to execute on available opportunities that present themselves. 

Create lasting good memories both for those you interact with and yourselves. When you take a positive approach to making life memorable, those with whom you interacted will want to repeat that experience. 

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