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Some Serious Considerations for Getting into Business

Lately, entrepreneurship is a word that's being touted around. With the amount of business schools that are available, not to mention the online courses and articles, there are many who want to do business that are unprepared.

I hope that this would be a sort of guidance for some of them since as I interact with the various supporters of SMEs from investors and financiers, through professionals - accountants, attorneys, operations, marketing, statutory bodies, and general business advisory services; there's a growing intolerance that can be detrimental to those with sound businesses. There's a need for entrepreneurs to understand that business goes past the point of - A Great Idea.

Governments are looking towards it for job creationUniversities and tertiary level institutions are offering it as courses Those who are upset with their jobs decide they will embark upon it so that they won't have to work for the manYoung people leaving school have decided that they will em…

Getting your marketing in gear

So you've moved from idea, through concept, and now you have a business running. When you started your ideas were the best thing that everyone needed. Your friends, family and supporters certainly told you so. So where are they now?

If you were in business for some time and are aware of your statistics, you'll find that your friends and family are seldom within that cluster of numbers. To truly succeed you have to engage people you don't know to do business with you. They need to find out about your business, what is being offered and how.

In short form - You have to Market!

Now marketing has many aspects involved. In today's world, someone who's not well versed in marketing can become overwhelmed with all the terms that jargon associated with the field. What do I mean?

Public Relations / PRSalesStrategic Marketing and so many other areas  The oversimplified marketing approach is to turn a suspect into a prospect into a paying client into repeat business
What are…

The Attraction of a City - The creation of jobs

Those who know me well have often heard me say that I go to Bridgetown for two reasons only:
To apply for a passportTo pick up the passport when its ready.  Recently I had reason to just pass through Bridgetown for the night and just seek the ice-cream lady for a family treat of old fashioned ice-cream. Nostalgia for my wife and I, while it was a new experience for our youngster. While waiting I was able to look around and noticed that they were a number of buildings that seemed to be closed. There was nothing appealing about the town and this was supposedly a time of celebration when it's supposed to be lit. 
My heavy dislike for traffic does not in the least entice me to wish to come into the city by day, but as I stood on the sidewalk by the ice-cream lady, there was a brief glimpse of opportunity where my mind ran wild with an idea that I had since the mid 90s. In my minds eye, Bridgetown became transformed into The City of Lights.  I will not put any markings of intellectual …