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Where did the time go?

Wow! This has been a fast year. Lots happened and lots didn't happen. It seemed like throughout the entire world everything went topsy-turvy.

Can you relate?

Like everyone, I have heard the doom and gloom about how bad everything is going to be currently and within the unforeseeable future. Then I got to thinking, that all of this news is coming from other people. Many of these people didn't know my skills nor abilities. They didn't know my circumstances. Yet they are looking at whatever was in their line of sight and making broad sweeping comments about my future.

The resulting thoughts from their predictions were uncertainty, fear, over caution, and many other negative thoughts and emotions. We were careening for edge of many precipices of ideologies - fiscal cliffs, moral chasms, and seemingly many other challenges.

What are you saying about your future? What is your God-given entitlement?

Remember, "In the beginning was the word" John 1:1, How easy it is for …