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A Woman's Place is in the Home?

Growing up, there's always the ongoing debate about where a woman's place should be.  Not necessarily in my own home, but it has been discussed in the various media. In my younger days, I would not really have had a thought about it, however as I grow older and am still hearing the discussions, I thought it best to take a closer look for myself.

Now let's put a woman in a home and see how she handles it. There are a couple things that may shock you if this woman really uses her head, and the house is reasonably equipped where she can communicate with those outside the said home. I'll list them below, and have observed them on some occasions:

She'll turn her house into an asset. In other words, she'll make the attributes of her home coupled with her skills work for her. What do I mean?She'll run a home office, in many instances providing off site admin support for her clients which may be a minimum of 10 paying a monthly retainer. Services like document mana…