Friday, July 15, 2022

Monkeying around with diets

As we grapple with our crops being destroyed by monkeys, some people in discussing ways of controlling populations have become quite creative in their suggestions. I happened to be around a conversation once where one was overheard saying that monkey tastes good. 

After getting beyond my initial shock, and realising the gravity of what we face with the ever-increasing monkey population, I thought I would look to see if there is any merit in adding monkey meat to our diets as suggested. 

It was a thought originating from the pending scarcity given the supply chain interruptions based on the Ukraine/Russia war which has a global impact. It was further supported by seeking ways to reduce import costs and eventually, given our numbers, explore export opportunities. 

According to this article by Aaron McDonald - entitled Monkey Consumption..., monkey meat is considered bush meat. This article outlines a number of species and the regions where they are consumed. Never once does he mention our local Green Monkey. The article has some cautions for our safety though which we will do well to consider. 

You can look up just about anything nowadays, here's what is said by people who actually consumed monkey meat.  In an article that speaks to the benefits of consuming monkey meat in terms of benefits, the costs of this diet can be quite high and dangerous for humans who engage in this practice. See this article

In short, I hope that this article helps those who were curious about this bush meat. My conclusion is that the risks far outweigh the benefits. I wouldn't mess with it. You now know the risks. 

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