Tuesday, July 27, 2021

We were schooled, now what?!?


Over the past few years, we've witnessed some things that makes one wonder about what is going on around us, and about our existence. Here are some considerations:

  • We have higher education, yet we are waiting to get jobs so people who only have experience can tell us what to do. We are unwilling to use the education we worked so hard for and paid such money for work for us. We have ultimately achieved the education of mental bondage. 
  • Though we received schooling, we are yet to learn how to think in terms of solutions rather than dwelling on the problem. We are too readily defeated in the battlefield of our minds. 
  • We study for a grade rather than to get paid. We are taught to use our skills and education within the confines of a job. Yet, so few of us realize the benefits of applying our knowledge to our gain. We follow rules that don't benefit us, and have become a herd of sheeple following unquestionably every suggestion that is meted out to us for the gain of others. 
  • We have focused so hard upon passing subjects that we are yet to learn the true value of success lies within our abilities to form lasting relationships with people. 
  • Spas are for boosting wellness, clubs harbour and permit the formation of social relationships, gyms help develop our bodies physically, but the true champion is harnessing a close relationship with our creator; learning purpose, destiny, and how we truly fit in to the requirements this life has for us. Church is not so much where we go to receive but where we go to give of ourselves in service to others - our fellow man for the common good. 
Sure I can leave you thinking about what I mean, however I'll clue you in on where to start the process of thought. We did math yet struggle numerically - in measurements, finances, and in areas requiring calculations. 

Our practice of languages leave us ineffective at communicating with the oral, written and verbal dexterity so necessary for living at levels of comfort many dream of but few attain. Our inability to adequately communicate leads to a myriad of misunderstandings that result in broken relationships, mistrust, disharmony and all the other complications that compromise interactions. 

As a people, our ability to competently use information is key to our successes. As the title says, we were schooled, now what are we going to do given our situations we're facing. Plan to be a winner. 

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