Sunday, January 24, 2021

Call Centres - do they help or harm business?


If you live in the developing world then you've probably encountered them; the impersonal, annoying, inefficient, ineffective and yet seemingly heavily used services of Call Centres. We know them so well, it does not even need a definition. 

People in other countries answering local phone calls, who are unable to offer tangible help, especially when they have no local knowledge. However, many companies turn to them since they offer a form of cheaper labour that where their official domicile is located. The service that comes from them though makes one wonder if they, the companies, really count the costs. 

Looking at the situation from a standpoint of observation, it seems these call centres activities don't reinforce the activities of the marketing department and promotions. It many instances, it seems to go completely against what the company says in its marketing material. So why are they used so much? How do they adequately fit into the profile of what a company defines as offering good service? 

Certainly within our Caribbean region various people have vented their frustration of having to deal with call centres and automated answering systems; where many companies violate their own promises since they rarely return calls to left messages. It leaves customers who are unable to get the information they require to form their own conclusions including thinking that their business is not valued by the entity. They feel inclined to take their business elsewhere. 

Then they are those that are answered, but the representative has no idea what the rules of the country are and sometimes make promises that are not honoured by the company they represent. This happened as recently as last week with someone. The elderly in particular are left dumbfounded by all the use of technology that doesn't deliver on the basic promises of the business. Agreements as we know them are constantly dishonoured; therefore we must ask are call centres helping or harming businesses? 

Please share your experiences and feedback. I'm sure that by doing so, some of these companies should take note of the feedback once they are smart and adjust their operations delivery methods to suit. 

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