Friday, May 29, 2020

What do we know about our business environment - How can we then plan

Let's address the elephant in the room with what we know:
  • There's no vaccine for COVID-19 in the near foreseeable future.
  • The ways and methods we used to work in the past are now for the most part obsolete.
  • The future will bring waves of disasters of one type or another: Wave 2 of COVID-19; Hurricane Season, as we're facing in a few hours; A historical virus or one that may be brand new that can pose serious world threats if mismanaged as in the case of this one. 
  • The need to become self-sufficient as a people since we should realize how few of us can rely on the government machinery to mobilize with needed short turn around times to be really of benefit. Especially since many governments are in a state where they have been mishandled over time. 
  • Leadership, going forward, need to be more solution focus and be able to act quickly and decisively in a way that benefits the public served and themselves. It has to be win/win in almost all cases. 
Since we cannot hide for significant amounts of time anymore, it means that we must function with heightened caution in all aspects of our lives. We can never be afforded the opportunity to be caught napping. 

Mentally, we have got to focus on areas of greatest concern and not be misdirected by the areas of the tragedy which causes us to focus on the outcome rather than the cause. 

We have to fortify our minds daily with information that is positive so that we adopt a can-do mindset so that nothing will be looked upon as being impossible. We will need to examine and study new systems of doing things. In some cases, we may even have the responsibility of creating the systems that will emerge. 

Stay tuned as we increase our discussions and share thoughts on our experiences, observations, possible trends and business developments. You may have a thought that I may have overlooked based on your experiences and interactions, I invite you to share so that it can benefit the greater good of mankind. 

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