Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Customer Service used to be just Service

On occasion I have the opportunity to wonder about a few things that years of experience have granted me the privilege. One that comes to mind was Service; where did it go? Why was it so lacking nowadays, and who's this new Customer Service that though qualified academically does little when compared to the natural capabilities of Service? Here are a few thoughts about what I mean:

  • Nowadays we get hospitality degrees and designations of varying sorts, yet seem unable remember encounters of those we've met in the last week. Despite the various devices, communication and other sorts, we seem incapable of remembering little details of our customers. How come that those of the older era who didn't have the tech aids and were able to remember the names of people, families, their likes, and some favorite activities? The older era didn't count the time they were with a client. Service was not given in exchange for something, only as a means of helping another feel more comfortable in a more inviting atmosphere. The result was higher value in the minds of the customer. 
  • Attitudes that have developed by the work force that they only seem to seek support when their jobs are threatened are archaic; we have a responsibility to people! Regardless if whether they are seen as customers or fellow workers just to name a few. People are important! 
  • Have we forgotten the "magic" words? [good morning, good evening, please, thank you] 
  • There's also the rising trend of people having to refer to their sexual preference to determine their ability to work. I mean who really cares who you sleep with? The real question is can you do your job?! This coming out business, is really no one else's business but your own. Keep it there! It's not a badge of honor about your level of competency on your job. 
  • Pay attention to detail - serving beverages and food in a sloppy manner in a huge NO! A lot of marketing dollars can be saved when you take the opportunity to serve people that you have in your presence well. If you're superior, they will return for a repeat experience. 
  • A sour face, with the attitude of people accepting you as you are is tantamount to suicide. You really can't seriously expect to be mean, rude, and all the other adjectives that I can't publish; and then expect people to want to do business with you. 8 hours per day is a third of a lifetime, shouldn't it be enjoyable? Man has but a short time to live. 
  • Let's look at no only enhancing customer service, but enhancing service. We would find that not only do we please others, but we can be quite pleasant to be around. The result can be in more people wanting to be in your company and doing business with you. 
Have a wonderful day folks! Let's look at the totality of the service we offer - regardless of where we work and live. 

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