Friday, January 3, 2014

The Attraction of a City - The creation of jobs

Those who know me well have often heard me say that I go to Bridgetown for two reasons only:
  1. To apply for a passport
  2. To pick up the passport when its ready. 
Recently I had reason to just pass through Bridgetown for the night and just seek the ice-cream lady for a family treat of old fashioned ice-cream. Nostalgia for my wife and I, while it was a new experience for our youngster. While waiting I was able to look around and noticed that they were a number of buildings that seemed to be closed. There was nothing appealing about the town and this was supposedly a time of celebration when it's supposed to be lit. 

My heavy dislike for traffic does not in the least entice me to wish to come into the city by day, but as I stood on the sidewalk by the ice-cream lady, there was a brief glimpse of opportunity where my mind ran wild with an idea that I had since the mid 90s. In my minds eye, Bridgetown became transformed into The City of Lights.  I will not put any markings of intellectual property there since I believe that it's for the people to develop. Though I have the idea, and have shared it with a group of designers - The Janus Group of Associates. I don't have the resources to develop it in full, therefore I'll share it with you to see if there's anyone out there who can pull together the teams needed for such a reality. 

The time is now ripe, since it would provide a new activity that would be of benefit to Barbados in the following areas:
  • Employment creation and economic development 
    • Commerce
      • Duty Free 
      • Retail 
    • Tourism
      • On island and Cruise ship traffic
        • May encourage longer stay of cruise ship traffic on island 
      • Locals 
      • Food and beverage 
        • Themed foods [regional and international] 
      • Entertainment 
        • Photo blogging and social media 
    • Manufacturing
      • Foods and condiments 
      • Beauty and skin care 
      • Confectionery and preserves 
      • Craft and memorabilia 
      • Renewable energy displays which add light and attractions to the event
    • Designing
      • Clothing 
      • Accessories 
    • Education 
      • Talent showcases
      • Poetry reading 
      • Drama and dance 
      • Science and technology 
      • Innovation displays 
    • Services 
      • Concierge and information 
      • Food and beverage 
      • Sanitation 
      • Transportation 

  • Cultural development and diversity
    • With art in all ifs forms being showcased and displayed from various segments around the city in an organized yet confused way that allows artistic expression that cannot / should not be contained in to cubicles of space
    • Stages at strategic locations, where talent is shown / expressed in a manner that would encourage foot traffic of spectators, who are well dressed for an evenings' entertainment 
    • No vehicular traffic since the park and shuttle concept is well accepted in Barbados now
    • Boutique-like sidewalk food stalls adorning the sidewalks, with tables and chairs in the streets where people can sit an chat, grab a bite, or just relax for a little from their shopping and shows. 
    • Fancy dressing is encouraged, where people wear clothes that are well tailored and the underwear no longer has a place in public domain other than to be discreetly worn under the clothing. 
    • Education alive, where students of various institutions exhibit their creations and share their information with others who many not have had the opportunity to have the more formal education.
    • Games zone filled with bright lights and promotions for regional board games existing and prototypes 
      • Wari, dominoes, card games of various types, backgammon, etc. 
    • Festival and attraction tie ins
      • Cricket at Kensington Oval
      • Crop Over Festival 
      • Showcases of excellence in the aforementioned 
      • Island Nights in tandem with UWI, BCC and SJPP highlighting the best features of our Caribbean neighbours
      • World themes with the introduction of key celebration points through their embassies e.g. US Independence / Canada Day 
Once we use our imaginations and creativity, the list of things we can do to ensure our economic survival is seemingly endless.

Richard Blades is a Business Development Specialist. He is also the Founding Partner of Blades & Blades Consultancy LP. Contacting him is easy - 

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