Thursday, March 7, 2013

Social Perils of the internet

There are times in this modern age that while you may be serious about business and trying to earn a living you encounter some nuisances. Here are a few:

  • Hackers - can cause a major interruption into your day. Their attempts are not necessarily threatening to life, but the impede on your valuable time. 
  • Spammers - peddling all kinds of goods and services that really do not advance your business. Don't they look to see what type of operations they are sending information out to?
  • Love sick idiots - they have never met you, don't know anything about you, and want to keep sending sickening email about their affections towards you based on photos etc. Keep your thoughts to yourselves and don't even let the rest of us know you exist. 
  • Dreamer schemers - they come up with some impossible schemes and are always telling you about how much millions of dollars from some dead person they want to transfer to your banking account. Having never met them, and looking at their illegal schemes, they want you to trust them with your banking information and contact details. Some are loony enough to fall into this trap. 
Let's make a concerted effort to be more responsible with regards to our use of the internet. In real life terms it is like, the graffiti artists who feel compelled to do their art on people's wall. I figure if you want to display this type of art then you should invest in your own wall on your own property. 

These are some of the social perils of cyberspace. 

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