Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Just thinking...about money

How can business be done faster at a slower more methodical pace? Is a question that comes to mind on occasion.  We live in the islands and often times end up so busy that we rarely get to enjoy what's around us.

They are people who have to spend thousands of dollars to get here to have a sea bath, feel the sand sift through their toes, or just feel the salty air against their skin as they sip their favorite drink.

We are surrounded by all the wonderful herbs that can help with the healing of most illnesses. Yet, we are too busy to enjoy them.

Why do we have the internet? In an age of the super highway one would think that by now we can do most things more easily. The banks are still being resistant to PayPal; even though the said PayPal has authorized that citizens within the islands can use their system for receiving payments and not only make them like once before.

How can this help enable the entrepreneurial climate? I would have thought that by now a seminar about using PayPal to enhance your business banking experience would have been introduced to the public. I would have imagined that such a seminar would be speaking to the safety of using such a service and what you should look out for in terms of virtual trading on the internet. We seem to be fearful of what can happen rather than equipping our business people.

I will stop here now. Got to head out for the office and realized that I was just thinking something that can be quite viable. Now I can't wait to get to work.

Have a great day folks. We'll link soon.

Check here for more info PayPal Blog

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