Saturday, March 23, 2013

It's annoying...

At points in our lives everyone has situations that annoys them. It's an element of life that we just can't seem to get away from. It may be something that you've observed, experienced, or perhaps got a third party story; the thing is everyone gets annoyed at some time for some reason.

Recently, someone borrowed something from me, kept it an extremely long time, and after being asked to return it (as I needed to use it), I found that it was broken. Not a word was said to me by the borrower, I only found out when I was doing the cleaning checks.

Do you think they'll ask to borrow it again? Your guess is as good as mine.

Here's why:

  • They kept mine for so long that I needed to go and borrow one myself. (Now something about that doesn't make a whole lot of sense.) 
  • They broke mine and said nothing. Therefore, it's will I repair it / get a new one. They'll never know in a hurry. 
  • I've often heard, if you have to borrow something more than three times, then it's best to get your own. That quota for borrow / lend was long passed. 
The thing is, if there's a genuine need, I'm reluctant to lend again since being burnt on the last occasion the memory's painful because I take care of what is entrusted to me and they didn't. I am also out of pocket, which though it may be small it wasn't conveyed to me there was a problem, and since it's small then you can buy your own. 

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