Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Good Morning...[Only Once]

To those of you coming here, you're probably wonder what a strange title. I wonder what he's up to this time.

I managed to get out for a walk in the wee hours of the morning. It's quite cool then, making the walk generally refreshing. As I walked you could see the lights flickering on at the various residences as people were waking up to begin their day. As I walked, I thought that people have loads of different ways to getting their days started. Some ease into the day, some wish the day would take a little longer to come, still some others got up and began the mad rush of getting ready for the day.

This morning I felt like I was in total control. While on the street it felt like me and God as I looked at the changes in the sky - something many of us miss or take for granted. It took some time before I eventually started seeing other people, only starting to meet them when I was about half way through my walk.

Greeting many, if not all of them. I started to notice something. They were telling me "Good Morning..."(only once).  Now this may seem strange to you, but I remember when I used to walk years ago, when there was more of me to go around. [Being grossly overweight] As I passed people, they would say "Morning, Morning".  After a while, I got to thinking that I was huge; which I was. So within the silhouette of the early morning, I probably looked like more than one person.

Thank God that I'm now single in the physical sense again. My wife no longer can be accused of bigamy - as there is only one of me again.  Having liked that positive feedback, I'll continue to change my vowel from FAT to FIT. [That was not a typo]

Have a great day folks! Feel free to weigh in.

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