Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Creation of a work ethic

Have you ever heard it said by parents that they find their child / children to be lazy? Have you ever stop to think how much the parent may have contributed to it?

Well this morning, as I was driving off to work, I saw this youngster outside pitching marbles. It was going on to 7 am and I thought to myself. Doesn't he have chores? Will he still get to school early after engaging in this activity? Then I went into fast forward...How will he learn to manage his time for his adult work life if this is what he is exposed to this "discipline" now?

It was as if no one could care less where he was as he didn't even have anything on other than his underwear.

What are the messages that we are sending to our youth by the kind of mentor-ship we demonstrate?

Here's hoping it not too late to take stock of what we're doing and make the necessary corrections.

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