Monday, April 24, 2023

A new direction - carefully being researched

It's a new day and there are new developments. There's quite a bit of "newness" going around. On this blog, we too will be making some changes. 

The research is going on and I encourage you to stay tuned. There is another way of doing business that ensures they thrive. 

I firmly believe that God blesses those who have the capacity to manage. This first became known to me through Dr. Myles Munroe's sermon from many years ago. It got me thinking. Then others offered supporting information from within the Bible - The Living Word. 

I won't say more at this stage but encourage you to stay tuned. It won't be long in coming. I don't have all the answers, I'm just letting God use me as an instrument of his grace. 

Looking forward to sharing how we can all function better in the marketplace with more wholesome businesses. 

We will learn of the challenges and sacrifices of being in business and situations that can come against you. Hopefully, we will prayerfully be able to share answers that offer relief. 

There is an urging by the Holy Spirit that this is necessary. I am required to be obedient to Abba God. May His will be done. 

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