Wednesday, February 23, 2022

The roughness of life and business

 If there's one thing that this pandemic taught us, it is that life can be quite rough. Prior to it, we may have been shielded from the ravages of the world's pressures. Our seeming insulation from the challenges in the news was something that was sorrowful, but didn't really impact us directly - so we sympathized. 

Well along came COVID and give us a fresh perspective, where we were rapidly moved from sympathy to empathy. The reality of the tragedies came quite close to home and NOW we're directly impacted.

The thing is, the impact was so comprehensive it was felt in all aspects of our lives - personally and professionally; physically and emotionally; let's not forget financially, even as we struggled with the nuances of adapting to new measures that impacted us operationally. 

There are lots of people hurting, and though we try to mask it. Thinking it's the business of no one else, the reality is that it impacts those around us, even if they only observe. It so happened that the various elements of our lives have collided and the results are tragic. It doesn't matter if you're in school or working, if you're retired or haven't even entered school yet; everyone was impacted in some way. 

Society says we should keep looking forward, keep moving forward. It says we can do nothing about the past; however somewhere there's a niggling thought from the recesses of one's past that seems haunting. It creates doubts, harnesses fears and uncertainty, simmers the spirit in a way that timidity can bubble to the surface leaving you off balanced and out of sorts. 

Grief has been a key element - loss of relationships through break ups, displacement, death; often without any closure and with a sudden happening that no one was prepared for. One moment someone's there and the next, sometimes in the same day, they're gone. Our coping mechanisms have been taxed at a new level, and one realizes that they can be lonely in a room full of people since no one takes the time to understand their perspective. 

Business, schools, home life, and social interactions have all gone topsy-turvy and  everyone is now in an unfamiliar ground where tensions are riding high and frustrations are rampant. 

We now as a people have to interact within an environment where the people are going to display new and unfamiliar behaviours that we are not accustomed to and will never become used to since they will change rapidly with each hour that ticks by. 

There will be a need for entities to revise their interactions with those they seek to serve. Areas of address will include: 

  • Customer interactions
  • Operational functionality - there has been significant disruption which has impacted supply chains significantly directly impacting the ability of needs being met adequately.
  • Marketing methods and means - there's a need to reintroduce the social in media used to communicate by companies e.g. too many are using this as a go to without first finding out if their public is used to / competent in accessing social media and online platforms. This is so especially for the elderly and some younger people. 
    • With the gap in schooling, consideration will have to be taken to using more verbal social media since the reading/comprehension skills of many users has diminished significantly. 
  • Financial integrations and programs including banking, insurance, financial transaction documentations and tools
  • Legal considerations including contractual obligations, intellectual property, real property, etc. 
  • Taxation programs and privileges
  • Environmental aspects where the entities need to be more aware of what's going on and the impact on the public. Are the offerings in alignment with the value systems of the public. There's a need to identify where the public is placing their emphasis on as it relates to value. 
  • Competency is going to be a key factor going forward since service levels are being frustrated by the lack of delivery on the part of many organizations
Is the roughness real or perceived? You be the judge of that. However, you should note that it is best to consider the impact of one's actions / inaction and how they will be interpreted by those you are seeking to serve. 

If we take enough time to observe we can see the differences pre / post pandemic. The question is are we willing to make the adjustments and if so how willing are we to invest in the future of our people. 

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