Sunday, November 21, 2021

Really men?!? Haven't we been tokenised enough?

International Men's Day [IMD] passed recently and I was ONLY made aware when i received the greetings via social media from well meaning females. This got me thinking. 

As I thought, a number of questions came to mind which would probably bring me under scrutiny of both sexes. (I really don't care what you identify as, that's your business not mine). That's for another time. 

I began to search and here's what I found when checking for the origins and its significance. 

Earlier I mentions the questions that came to mind. I'll share them since they may cause you to think about things more deeply rather than just at the surface level that many of us have become accustomed to of late. 

Think on them, discuss them, really delve into the meanings for you and your society so that the next time IMD comes by there would be some meaning, some significance, and we would be prepared to truly celebrate men. 

Here are some questions, you may have more. 

  • What is International Men's Day about and how does it concern me as a man? 
  • Why did it begin? 
  • When were men going to be informed? 
  • How are we celebrating men internationally and its not even known at the local level? 
  • Is man fulfilling their God given role and purpose? 
  • Do we as men know what that is or we just ignorant of our roles and purposes? 
  • Why do some women think we need validation by them? 
  • What contributions would have been made to life having lived? 
  • Is it about conquering or developing a lasting legacy? 
  • Why despite all that men do they are heavily criticized for what they didn't do? 
Sure they are other questions that come to mind, however I will leave those for the inputs of others so inclined to comment. 

Dr. Jerome Tealucksingh of UWI Trinidad and Tobago in honoring his father's birthday commemorated it by creating something that serves men and boys through a global initiative. How do we as men take it to another level of significance? 

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