Monday, September 27, 2021

Getting into business, not into bed


One would imagine that business like most other things would have boundaries. However, when one gets to see close up what people in business have to experience, some revelations come out.

Within my practice, most of my clients tend to be female. We tend to meet either online, which I have been doing long before COVID, or in some public domain areas e.g. a Cafe.

Over time clients confide some things as they get to know you. One thing that comes out repeatedly are the qualities of professionalism, cordiality, my listening skills, my analytical acumen, and my knack for spotting solutions in business which are then developed to the clients' benefit.

There is another element that comes out. Why aren't other men, a generalization I believe, not like me. When I inquire as to what they mean; to put it subtly, they are constantly hit on with all types of propositions to help them advance their businesses, all they would have to do is......

Really?!? With all the Me Too movements going on people would still do that? Men, there was a time when we would be more discreet and not knock ourselves around. However this brazen behaviour is becoming far too common place, and it's not suited for developing strong businesses. Is this why businesses within the Caribbean have grown only so far and no farther? Not every situation needs to have a degree of carnality introduced to it.

In business, we should be seeking growth of the business; not of the notches in ones measurement device of how many people one beds. It almost seems so juvenile. People are out there writing "cheques" that their bodies can't cash. Sadly, for the females who embark on the experience(s) they are left disappointed.

Therefore I ask, are we getting into business or into bed. The rules are quite different, so are the outcomes. Not everyone needs to know what you are like under every circumstance. It's time for our standards to be raised.

Can we look at the following:
1. How to develop sustainable businesses
2. How to ensure they grow beyond one generation
3. Understanding and growing business through shareholders rather than bank loans when seeking funding for startups and expansions
4. Planning for retained earnings to grow the business experiences, not to purchase doodads.
5. To move beyond the realm of being self employed and become true businessmen and investors. Employing systems that causes round the clock growth.
6. Export and expansion to other countries outside of the country of origin for the entity.
7. Doing business in cross cultural, cross lingual environments harnessing the skills and abilities of many latent assets we have among our human capital that are currently untapped.

I'll stop here and if you feel inclined to provide feedback, you're welcome to do so. Today's the beginning of another week. Let's make it the beginning of new business experiences and environments.

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