Wednesday, November 18, 2020

It's possible for you to create employment

 In this environment, there are so many seeking jobs that they almost seem preoccupied with that task. They write letters, scour the newspapers, and it seems like they want to actively seek to attend multiple interviews. It's a sort of push behaviour where you are trying to get in front the decision makers so that you are noticed. 

It almost seems like those seeking employment are hoping to get employed before they show what they are capable of doing. They are loaded with knowledge but have not demonstrated their ability to use their knowledge. Hence in the minds of prospective employers, they remain a high cost expense rather than being viewed with any value as an asset. 

In short form, many will be reluctant to pay you for having a degree. More people see the value in your ability to use the information you would have received while you studied. Many employers may not have been formally exposed to education themselves, and therefore don't adequately explain what they are truly looking for in employees/workers. 

Many people often quote, "Knowledge is power", yet it is when that knowledge it put to use that determines the true value of that said knowledge. 

To communicate you capacity for using your knowledge, it is going to be contingent on your ability to communicate effectively. How can you create an attraction of having prospective employers seek you out because you have a perceived value which they want. 

It's possible to communicate your abilities by:

  • blogging - e Blogger is a free service once you have a Google account. It offers you the ability to reach a wide cross-section of people without having to leave your domicile. There are a variety of methodologies that can showcase your knowledge - Case studies, Situation analysis, Story telling, that make people think, offer inspiration, or just pull in even more information that contributes to overall communication of everyone. 
  • LinkedIn - allows you to do the following: write articles, make contact with alumni, follow influential people, read articles written by others within industries/sectors that you may have an interest in. It allows you to gain practical insights so that you can find out how closely your education theory aligns with real world practicality. 
  • Instagram, YouTube and other social media platforms allow you to offer practical insights as to why knowing you can be deemed desirable. Do you offer solutions rather than dwell on the problem? Though your page is yours, are you showcasing your best features that can help you gain traction as you seek employment? 
I hope that this article helps jog your thought process in your employment creation and pray that you'll be successful. Have a vision for how you want to live your life, and how you would like to be remembered. Look around out website for additional information that may be of benefit to you at Enjoy your day. 

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