Thursday, August 6, 2020

Mobile Phone Usage for Business

When considering business and the use of telecommunications, one thing that is being used increasingly is the mobile phone. Some people are competent in the use of their devices; for the most part, many aren't. 

When observing how people use their mobile phones, it oftentimes makes me wonder if they have given consideration as to the use of their device. Some people use their phones as unpaid comedians to forward jokes. Others send graphics that do not, shall we say, coincide with their branding. Some people are just seemingly lawless and will waste your data plans without any regard for the fact that they are costing you money needlessly. 

Here are some scenarios that mobile phone users tend to engage in:
  • They call you and ask you to call them back since their credit is about to run out. Really? Who wants to make contact with whom? 
  • WhatsApp calls for business reasons. The call quality is choppy in many instances and does not make for high-quality interaction that at least seems professional. 
  • Then, they are those with the prepaid phones that run out in the midst of a conversation. Guess what, postpaid is always the cheaper option. Don't be afraid of the commitment. 
  • The sending of non-business related graphics also ranks high on the list of not to-dos. 
  • Purchasing mobile phones that cost more than a computer and then not possessing the ability to use the features is more than a little off-putting. I liken it to purchasing the Mercedes with its high powered engine and speed abilities; only to drive it at 25 kph on the highway. 
If used well, mobile phones can be a game-changer for business people. Here are some examples:
When you consider your business planning, examine if you're using your mobile technology optimally.  You just may be surprised at how much you can save, but more importantly how your earnings can be enhanced if you use the technology properly. 

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