Sunday, June 21, 2020

Businesses need multiple resources in the same category

Increasingly, there's going to be a need for businesses to work more in clusters. This is even more so since the pandemic crisis. This raises a few questions though in the minds of seemingly successful entities that others will seek to work with:
  1. Can we deliver working with the members of this team?
  2. How fast can we make shifts to protect, secure and enhance our reputations?
  3. What are our legal obligations should we have to make pivotal changes? 
  4. How can we ensure the end-user does not waste their investment in using our services? 
We have all been on teams where team members want to share in the rewards but offer as little effort as possible towards the final outcome. Dealing with this type of individual can be quite challenging; especially when seeking to meet and exceed the needs of the client. 

Every time you work your reputation is on the line. Are you reliable? Is your work of a high quality/calibre? Will you work have the impact that encourages others to speak positively of it so that you get referrals as a result of your more recent efforts? 

Legally we should meet all the obligations of our contracts which we would have been a part of the negotiation process. It is necessary that all team members operate with honour in fulfilling their elements of the work. 

The circumstances are even more demanding of accountability regarding money spent. Items once deemed miscellaneous will now have closer attention paid to them. Greater care will be taken when considering expenses and assets expenditure. 

So who's on your team? 

Are they interconnected so that they work as one? Are your accountabilities on point? These are questions that you must ask and answer to ensure that you have the necessary fail/safe's in place. When you really examine your operation, you too will realize why it is important for businesses to have multiple resources in the same category. 

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