Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Business - Not suited for everyone

I know...the title of this can be offensive to some, however, given my time in the field I have found it to be true.

There's a lot involved in owning and managing a business. It is more so if you have the responsibility of staffing as well as the fulfillment to one's customers/clients. Rather than do a listing of what's required for business, perhaps a more blended approach would be more practical to those seeking to qualify themselves before entering the realm of business.

Though I can rattle off a list of characteristics necessary for the field of business, I get the feeling that a more detailed approach may be necessary to help the reader grasp what is really needed. In school, we get so caught up in passing exams and doing projects that like obtaining a driver's licence we only learn business when we get into it.

When you work for someone, you have a job which kind of shelters you. As I have often thought, doing a great job as a plumber doesn't necessarily equip you to run a great plumbing business. There are so many other elements involved. They include administration, operations, marketing, finance and accounting, paying attention to the legal elements including any intellectual property and contracts. Should you business be one that has staff, the HR issues never seem to stop - vacations, scheduling & payroll mixed with overdraft completes that episode. 

The invisible characteristics include determination, grit, discipline, backed up my character, fortitude, networks and competence are just some of the ingredients in the mix. If the mix isn't right, you'll know quickly. 

Do you have what it takes to be in business? Only you will know over time, but just remember, it's not for everyone. 

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