Friday, April 14, 2017

Good manners with support systems

It seems that many people do not know their own name. Don't believe me? Just call anywhere and experience how many people on the other end loathe saying their name when identifying themselves and the organization they represent.

When working somewhere you represent a brand of the business; however, there's a personal brand as well. Some older business people who never went anywhere to study business had something about their personality that enabled them to interact with people. So skilled were they with people, that when anyone was referred to the organization they would also be asked to see that people who offered exceptional service.

Nowadays, service has gone the way of education and entitlements which have become so entrenched that the provider has lost sight of who is the customer and what they represent to the business that they should be representing; albeit in a woeful manner.

We seem to have put so much emphasis on catering to customer complaints that customer service has become a department for fielding the various complaints of customers rather than an area that permeates the entire establishment that plans and implements practices that enhance the customer experience. With more education and certification in the area, we have become more reactive rather than proactive; dwelling on problems rather than focusing on solutions.

Businesses, big and small, have lost their sense of good manners. We have developed a society where looking pretty/cool takes precedence over being sincerely helpful. Many of those who offer help seem to have an ulterior motive; they want to be paid for everything. No one seems to care about developing a sound reputation for integrity and honor.

Can we make a difference? Yes, we can! Constantly being mannerly can do you a world of good, and it can improve our environment significantly. Stop being just an expense and begin being an asset in your environment, and develop a reputation for great manners.

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