Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Music in Business

While I'm not an expert in music, I know great music when I hear it. Not knowing the names of all the artistes was never something that bothered me. Just recently I realized that I was feeling quite bogged down with all the work that I had to do. So I did something that I hadn't done in so long that it was becoming rare; I put one some music I had on my computer, leaned back and closed my eyes for a while.

It wasn't to sleep, but then I realized that the classical music I was listening to had an invigorating effect on me. Wanting to get my assignment done, I turned on the noise cancelling feature on my headset and listened a bit more. The effect was something worth noting, answers to challenges I had just poured forth. I reached for my notepad (the original) and my pencil to begin noting down the thoughts that were coming to mind. The solutions came almost effortlessly.

After some time of listening to the classics I then switched to the reggae / dancehall genre. Here's what I found, the confidence to implement the programs I thought up grew within me. With all scenarios carefully thought out the best paths of implementation came about. Hmmmm, two different genre and with very different results. I then experimented with other genre to see that impact they would have and though my study was not a formal one, I found that the results were all different and brought gratification in different ways.

One thing was certain, as we get older, we have gotten too lazy, forgetting the steps that we took when younger when we acted as we couldn't fail. As we aged, we became conformist to our detriment. This caged thinking may have held us up, stopping us from accelerating to the success levels we desired in our youth.

Takeaways include: listen to music of all kinds with appreciation, dance when you can (it's exercise and cheaper than the gyms), the classics auger well for creativity and focus, reggae for boosting confidence, soca / calypso for lightening the mood and relieving stress, and R&B coupled with other genres for relaxation and environmental changes even if its only on a mental level. Gospel helps reconnect with our creator and provides grounding.

Don't neglect the importance of music in your life. It can very well help you find the rhythm that you have naturally, and perhaps buried. Reconnect with your dreams, goals, and mission for your lives. You owe it to yourselves remembering; music in life and certainly music in business.

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